Whether a beginner in analytics or a machine learning expert, HyperCube is designed with you in mind. It is the Swiss Army knife of data science, combining proprietary and open source code to deliver a wide range of data analysis features straight out of the box or as business apps, customized just for you.

HyperCube platform key features

Data Connectivity

Connect from (almost) anywhere

Upload data from a wide range of storage and connectivity sources – including SQL/NoSQL databases and via APIs – quickly and simply thanks to HyperCube’s easy-to-use interface.

Data Connectivity Data Connectivity

Data Wrangling

Map and manipulate data

Use built-in filters to make data work harder. Define word sets and tags, or slice and dice the data by timestamps such as season, week and working day. We call it data wrangling.

Data Wrangling Data Wrangling

X-Ray (Advanced univariate analysis)

Explore data one step at a time

Figure out which parts of your data matter most using HyperCube’s advanced univariate tools to analyze and visualize by variable, module or value range.

X-Ray (Advanced univariate analysis) X-Ray (Advanced univariate analysis)

Rules Mining (Multivariate analysis)

Understand relationships

Apply business rules to quickly understand relationships within your data. Use this multivariate analysis to identify influential drivers.

Rules Mining (Multivariate analysis) Rules Mining (Multivariate analysis)

Geospatial Analysis

View data across space and time

Use visualization techniques including heat maps and clusters to explore the density, size and purity of data. Apply local constraints and clustering algorithms.

Geospatial Analysis Geospatial Analysis

Text Analysis

Analyze text

HyperCube allows you to create word sets from scratch or from existing collections. Build visualizations to bring insights to life and reuse text analysis for multiple projects.

Text Analysis Text Analysis

Data Visualisations

Look at your data from every angle

Examine and display data in multiple formats, including Sankey charts, tree maps and bubble charts.

Data Visualisations Data Visualisations

Proprietary & Open source Machine Learning algorithms

Automate intelligence

Combine machine learning algorithms and open source libraries to build unrivalled analytics solutions.

Proprietary & Open source Machine Learning algorithms Proprietary & Open source Machine Learning algorithms

Advanced ML features

Take machine learning to the next level

Power users can take advantage of advanced features such as grid search and minimization. Direct access to multiple libraries are available via HyperCube APIs.

Advanced ML features Advanced ML features

Model deployment

Select the format suited for your legacy IS and embed in a snapshop the great models designed and tested with HyperCube

Model deployment Model deployment

Technical specifications

Here comes the techie bit. Welcome to the HyperCube technology stack:

  • Amazon Webservices
  • Angular.js
  • Apache Spark
  • Amazon EC2 Container Service
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • D3
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Scala
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service S3
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Plotly
  • scikit-learn
  • TLS compatibility
  • Boosted user experience

    Responsive design (HTML5/CSS)
    Material design
    D3.js, Plotly

  • Sophisticated predictive modelling

    Proprietary algorithms using data mining techniques including classification, prediction, subgroup discovery and supervised learning
    Best of breed Python and Spark libraries including Spark ML, scikit-learn and NLTK

  • Security by design

    Encrypted communications (TLS 1.2)
    Token authentication (JWT)
    Encrypted data storage
    Data storage by location (based on AWS or Azure capabilities)

  • Big data scalability

    AWS / Azure
    Kubernetes / ECS
    Docker container
    Spark cluster

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