OPTIX offers you a comprehensive environment to redesign your pricing policy with one simple motto “Focus on your strategy and let the software do the work”

“Since we started using Optix, we are able to accurately set our B2B2C price list that matches our clients’ needs and our sales habits, for more than 50 000 products nationwide”

Julien Bonnard, Data & Pricing director, PointP Matériaux



Wholesalers, B2B suppliers and B2B2C retailers are facing increasing challenges regarding their price positioning such as competitiveness, transparency, flexibility and multi-channel coherence. 

While some pure players have already implemented dynamic pricing and are designing disruptive AI driven algorithms, the majority of players are still struggling with heavy processes and outdated tools.


We believe that the best way to help our clients achieve sustainable pricing excellence is to provide them with a way to structure their pricing process, refocus their energy on the strategy and neutralize the technical limitations. This was the foundational idea of “OPTIX” our SAAS software dedicated to B2B pricing.

“OPTIX” is a user-friendly “white box” that packages many years of know-how in B2B pricing. It offers many features that can allow our clients to:

  • Optimize their prices and discount funnel
  • Monitor competition dynamics and respond to market evolution
  • Get a better understanding of their sales performance
  • Challenge their purchasing strategy and category management


For Decision makers (CEOs, Marketing/Sales Directors): every single one of our “OPTIX” clients achieved 3 key results within only a few months:

  • Margin growth (up to +2 pts)
  • Improved price image (up to + 20 pts of zero-discount sales in some sensitive product categories)
  • Market share increase 

For direct users (Price Managers, Category managers): “OPTIX” has tremendous virtues that will help you discover a whole new way to redefine your B2B pricing policy :

  • An unlimited calculation capacity enabling you to process millions of transactions
  • A seamless process from data upload to final price list validation
  • An accurate multi-dimensional impact estimate of the new pricing policy
  • A centralized tool to foster co-working and enhance data packaging
  • A wide range of features to help you review every aspect of your pricing strategy
  • The possibility of a hybrid software/consulting approach


Optix pricing software

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