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ABeam Consulting, with the help of HyperCube, assists in the construction of analysis functions in the integrated safety management system of West Japan Railway

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ABeam Consulting Co., Ltd. (President and CEO Toshinori Iwasawa, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as ABeam Consulting) is a safety management integration system of West Japan Railway Company Limited (President and CEO Tatsuo Kimijima, Kita Ward, Osaka City, hereinafter referred to as JR West). ABeam, with Hypercube, helped build the analytical function that the company aims at utilizing higher level information utilization.

Background of the project

JR West introduced risk assessment from April 2008 as a mechanism to prevent serious accidents. Risk assessment is a scenario that leads to the worst-case scenario, based on "information on safety" such as events actually occurred and employee awareness, and measures to reduce risks to be dealt with in preference This is an initiative to control risk, and after introduction, awareness of safety has been reported in daily work, and it has become established as a company-wide initiative. In order to raise the level of risk assessment in the safety promotion plan formulated in April 2013, we have stated the construction of a system that "can be viewed, searched and analyzed at the site - branch office - head office".

Features of analysis function

The analytical function to be added this time utilizes the multidimensional analysis tool "HyperCube" (*2) provided at ABeam Cloud (* 1), a business innovation platform provided by ABeam Consulting, to report past occurrence events Based on this, we objectively analyze "what kind of conditions gather accidents more easily". Mainly used for analysis is weather, line section, day of the week etc data.

The role of ABeam Consulting

ABeam Consulting is a joint project with JR West to conduct PoC (Proof of Concept) first, based on knowledge and expertise gained through providing consulting services to the railway industry and knowledge of safety management, and the effectiveness of the analysis function I confirmed. In addition, we comprehensively supported from system requirements definition to full-scale introduction throughout the company to development of analysis functions. In addition to conducting hearings widely to branch offices and various divisions in each region, understand deeply the needs of utilizing analysis functions in actual sites, utilize advanced analysis tools without requiring knowledge of statistics and machine learning We have developed analytical functions that are easy to understand and easy to use for many employees. Also, by utilizing the services provided by ABeam Cloud, it became possible to smoothly provide requirements from requirement definition to system operation.

ABeam Consulting will support the further use of data by JR West, including the introduction of this analysis function.

  1. It is a service that can use various business application groups necessary for industry and industry templates and corporate management through the infrastructure provided by domestic and overseas cloud providers.
  2. This is a multidimensional analysis tool provided by ABeam Consulting. By using the unique algorithm approach, it is possible to comprehensively search the entire event (opportunity or risk) without hypothesis, and to specify the occurrence condition.

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